Every client is a valued partner

Stewards of Change™ has been privileged to work with clients from a broad spectrum of sectors, including state, county and federal government agencies, nonprofit organizations, courts, academia and corporations. Over the past decade, we have assisted child welfare and human service agencies in New York, California, Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Washington, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, DC.
We have delivered services to both established organizations and start-up ventures. Recent clients include the Administration for Children and Families/HHS; California Administrative Office of the Courts; Department of Health and Human Services – Montgomery County, MD; New York State Office of Children and Family Services; Metropolitan Washington, DC, Council of Governments; Washington State Department of Early Learning; National Foster Care Month Partnership; Aspiranet; and New Jersey Department of Youth and Families.

Our consultants are frequently tapped to serve as expert presenters for conferences hosted by such national entities as the American Public Human Services Association, National Association of County and City Health Officials, Child Welfare League of America and Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Click on the list below to see a sampling of our current projects.

ACF/HHS Interoperability Project

Client: Administration for Children & Families/HHS
Period of Performance: October 2011 – current

Project Description: Stewards of Change provides a wide range of research, consulting and implementation services to support ACF leadership in creating deeper and broader collaborations and increased information sharing among state and federal agency programs. SOC is supporting a variety of efforts including: development of the National Human Services Interoperability Architecture (NHSIA) in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Applied Physics Laboratories; starting up the National Information Exchange Model for Human Services (NIEM); creation of the ACF Interoperability Toolkit explaining how human services can leverage the new healthcare reform legislation; preparing the Confidentiality and Information Sharing Toolkit, which will provide hands-on guidance to dispel myths and clarify opportunities to share information as controlled by federal laws; and numerous other internal and external communications projects essential to pursuit of the agencies’ interoperability initiatives.

Download the interactive ACF Interoperability Toolkit

Advancing Information Sharing Across California to Improve Outcomes for Children Served by the Child Welfare System and the Courts

Client: California Administrative Office of the Courts and the Stuart Foundation
Period of Performance: June 2011 – current

Program Description: To further the work started by the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Child Welfare Council (CWC) and the Stuart Foundation, Stewards of Change was awarded a contract to build consensus among the juvenile court and child welfare partners to create a statewide strategy for improving information sharing on behalf of children in foster care. The process included interviews with leaders in information sharing throughout California on the local, county and state level in the areas of child welfare, the judiciary, technology and research. The culmination of this first phase of the project was a three-day statewide symposium attended by more than 110 state and county child welfare and judicial system representatives. The symposium was designed to disseminate knowledge gathered at the county meetings to help the AOC and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) leadership inform, communicate and implement a pragmatic action plan for information sharing for children in the foster care system to the wider judicial and child welfare systems. Five concrete, actionable initiatives were identified and are being considered for implementation across the state.

Developing a Personal Electronic Health Record for Children in Foster Care in California

Client: California Administrative Office of the Courts and the Stuart Foundation
Period of Performance: December 2011 – current

Program Description: Stewards of Change is beginning development of a three-phase strategic initiative to create a standardized personal electronic health record (P/EHR) for children in foster care in California. The goal of this project is to provide accurate, real-time access to critical health information (e.g., psychotropic medications, health history, diagnoses, prescription medications, immunizations, allergies.) to judges and other appropriate personnel to enhance the safety and well-being of children in foster care and other at-risk populations. The first phase will include conducting an environmental scan, developing a conceptual framework for the initiative and producing a “plan-for-a-plan.” Phase two will use that foundational knowledge to guide preparation of a comprehensive system requirements document along with a prototype needed to secure federal, state and/or private funds. Phase three will entail piloting and broad-scale implementation.