Share and expand your interoperability knowledge

The ongoing exchange of ideas and information is the cornerstone of effective social change. Through its diverse array of articles, publications, videotaped presentations and online opportunities to engage with others interested in interoperability, Stewards of Change™ helps connect human service leaders with emerging innovations and promising solutions. Case studies illuminate the growing number of jurisdictions already engaged in interoperability.
Organized under the three domains of change in human services--policy, structure and practice-- our publications are designed to engage and inspire. And our extensive original materials from our national conferences provide new insights, best practices, and a comprehensive overview of the trajectory of human service interoperability over the past decade.

POLICY: Articles center on the principles or rules, developed with specific social outcomes in mind, that guide decision-making in human service organzations.

STRUCTURE: This section’s focus is the way in which public and private human service systems design, organize and implement work processes to achieve policy and practice goals.

PRACTICE: Closest to their mission of aiding vulnerable populations, articles address how public and private human service organizations deliver services and care, monitor and report results, and achieve intended outcomes.

Adjacent to the Learning Center you will find the National Interoperability Community of Practice (NICOP), hosted by Stewards of Change, a collaborative site where colleagues across health, education, courts and human services come together to create and support a national interoperability vision and strategy. We hope you’ll find it a useful and engaging tool to share information, hold discussions, present case studies, learn from your peers and work interactively to improve client outcomes. NICOP also hosts a vast repository of interoperability news articles, case studies and thought leader perspectives.