Stewards of Change Institute’s 11th Annual National Symposium – #SOCI16


Our 11th National Symposium, Interoperability in Action: What’s Working Now – and How We Can Shape the Future, was held in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Medicine in Baltimore on June 13-14, 2016.

Stewards of Change Institute: Entering our Second Decade

A steadily increasing number of organizations have been embracing information-sharing, interoperability, and the social determinants of health and wellness across the health and human services ecosystem. While there has been progress, however, it has not been quick enough or broad enough to address the needs of the millions of people who remain underserved or are still being left behind. Indeed, sizable obstacles remain in the path toward health equity. At this year’s annual symposium, we focused on the root causes, actionable solutions, and visionary leadership to accelerate change into the next decade.

Key Symposium Objectives

The event’s objectives, in addition to explicitly tackling the challenges impeding progress, included:

  • Highlighting promising initiatives and successful technological solutions already being attempted/used in the realms of interoperability, information-sharing and social determinants by healthcare, HHS, Public Health, Justice, Education, and other programs/systems that are – or should be – communicating and coordinating with each other as parts of the same ecosystem.
  • Exploring through case studies some compelling examples of where better information-sharing and interoperability are needed, including the opioid/heroin crisis and child welfare.
  • We began forging a “Network of Networks Community of Practice,” intended to link leaders who represent key program/agency sectors and who are deeply committed to information-sharing and improving outcomes. Our intent is to catalyze action by establishing and strengthening connections among key governmental and nongovernmental entities so that we will be in a stronger and more-sustainable position to expand interoperability efforts, irrespective of unforeseen obstacles and political variables.

The full 11th Annual Symposium agenda is posted here.

Speakers and Participating Groups Included:

  • Jessica Kahn, Director, Data and Systems Group, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services/CMS
  • Michael Klag, MD., MPH., Dean, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Kshemendra Paul, Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment
  • Bill Hazel, MD., Secretary, Health and Human Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Rafael Diaz, CIO, Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Michael Wilkening, Undersecretary, California Health and Human Services Agency
  • Martin Duggan, Director, Strategy and Marketing, IBM Watson Health
  • Margo Edmunds, Ph.D., Vice President, Evidence Generation and Knowledge Translation at Academy Health
  • Steve Ambrosini, Executive Director, IJIS Institute
  • Wade Horn, Director, Deloitte

Federal agencies: Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, Administration for Children and Families, USDA Food and Nutrition Service, Health Resources and Services Administration, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Department of Education, Federal Communications Commission, and DNI Information Sharing Environment.

National Associations: American Public Human Services Association, American State and Territorial Health Officials, National Association of Counties, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Child Welfare League of America, Institute for Justice Information Systems, Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, New England States Consortium Systems Organization (NESCSO), NE Association of Child Welfare Commissioners and Directors

State & County Representatives: California, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, and Alabama

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11th Annual National Symposium Resources 

We are pleased to share the sessions video recordings, graphic murals, and slide decks presented and captured during the 11th Annual Symposium.

SOCI 11th Annual – Session Videos


SOCI 11th Annual  – Graphic Murals



SOCI 11th Annual – Session Slides