California HHS Open DataFest – 2014

Stewards of Change Institute, the California HealthCare Foundation, and the Health Data Consortium are proud to hold the first Health & Human Services (HHS) Open DataFest at the Sacramento Convention Center on January 21st and 22nd, 2014.

The California Health and Human Services Agency is exploring ways to increase access to public data, drive meaningful use, spur innovation, and enhance the linkages between health and human service programs across the state. To advance this effort, the Open DataFest symposium brings together a diverse group of thought leaders from health, human services, public health, education, criminal justice, research, academia, industry, entrepreneurs, associations and a variety of other relevant organizations.

The symposium offers an array of thought provoking presentations and interactive sessions:

  • Overview of the Open Data movement, its relevance to California, and lessons learned
  • Benefits of Open Data to California’s health and human service programs, workers, and clients
  • Cutting edge research methods, models, and tools for Open Data that create new knowledge and improve decision making
  • How Open Data complements other government data sources to inform policy platforms, program performance, and clinical decision making
  • Applying Open Data to stimulate entrepreneurship, generate new business ideas, and increase innovation within the government sector.

DataFest participants will also be briefed on California’s plans to launch its HHS Open Data Portal Demonstration Project and will brainstorm ideas to increase access, stimulate research, and generate meaningful uses from troves of new public data. Full DataFest agenda is available here. This event is in partnership with Big Data 2014.

Through this unique partnership between Health & Human Services Open DataFest and Public Sector Partners, Open DataFest attendees will benefit from access to the opening and plenary session during the Big Data forum as well as focused content and sessions provided by the Health & Human Services Open DataFest.Please visit the site in February to learn about symposium, see videos of the sessions and read presentations. If you are interested in learning more about the Open Data Collaboration site, or have interest in getting involved to support ongoing efforts please contact Michael Kerr.T

Thank you to our sponsors and partners for their commitment:HHS Open DataFest Sponsors:

  • Founding Sponsors: ESRI and California HealthCare Foundation
  • Supporting Sponsor: IBM
  • Affiliate Sponsor: Software AG HHS

Open DataFest Partners:

  • Health Data Consortium
  • Public Sector Partners