California HHS Open DataFest II – March 2015

Stewards of Change Institute – in partnership with the California Health & Human Services Agency and with the support of the California Healthcare Foundation – was honored to host the second annual California Health & Human Services Open DataFest. This symposium was held in Sacramento, CA on March 16 and 17, 2015. Please check the Stewards of Change blog and Twitter feed – @stewardschange – #HHSDataFest – for more information and insights!


Program Overview: The California Health & Human Services Agency is increasing access to public health, health care, human services and other data, driving meaningful use and spurring data-driven innovation, while leveraging such efforts to enhance the spectrum of HHS programs across the state. DataFest 2015 symposium participants were engaged to advance these ongoing initiatives and to brainstorm new ways to increase access, stimulate research and generate meaningful uses from troves of new data.

The full Symposium agenda (PDF file) is available here.

DataFest session videos are posted on the Stewards of Change Institute youtube channel.

The symposium offered an array of thought-provoking presentations and interactive sessions designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Highlighting local California Open Data initiatives, encourage more local efforts, and examine opportunities for collaboration within the state
  • Sharing progress on California HHS and other agencies portal projects, review objectives and strategy, and explore expansion into other areas of state government
  • Focusing on developing and improving uses of the available data and resources to provide California agencies with the ability to better utilize data in decision-making, problem-solving and program implementation
  • Fostering an ongoing and sustainable climate of innovation in California agencies.

More details on the Open DataFest are available in this Open DataFest II Press Release and in the media coverage of the DataFest.





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