California HHS Open DataFest III – 2016

Stewards of Change Institute – in partnership with the California Health & Human Services Agency – was proud to organize two exciting California HHS Open DataFest events in early-2016.

On February 12, SOCI partnered with the Stanford School of Medicine Center for Population Health Sciences to host the first Bay Area Regional Health & Human Services Open DataFest in Palo Alto, CA. The event took place at the Li Ka-Shing Center at Stanford University.

On March 14 – 15, we returned to the Sacramento Convention Center for the third Annual California Statewide HHS Open DataFest.

Please contact Michael Kerr, SOCI, with questions on the DataFest events.

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California Statewide HHS Open DataFest III – Sacramento – March 14 – 15, 2016

Program Overview:

The statewide Open DataFest III was the culmination of a series of regional symposia that have taken place in 2016. These events allowed CHHSA to interact directly with local communities, discuss their mutual interests, highlight their challenges and explore their longer-term opportunities.

The symposium in Sacramento showcased new developments, highlighted innovative solutions, explored emerging knowledge, and shared practical applications from across the state. Participants generated recommendations designed to shape California’s ongoing Open Data vision and operations. The event’s program also incorporated lessons learned and information acquired from Open Data activities to advance the work of Let’s Get Healthy California, an ambitious initiative that aims to make California the healthiest state in the nation by 2022. This learning will support efforts to bring together various agencies’ efforts to build momentum together, rather than progressing in a siloed manner.

In addition, the program will highlight some of the local initiatives already underway. It will provide participants with an opportunity to discuss current research efforts and how Open Data efforts can be combined to evaluate programs, determine what is working, and improve outcomes for Californians who rely on these programs. It will also provide an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge efforts such as the California HealthCare Foundation’s Health Data Ambassadors, Code for America Brigades, and CA Forward.

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ODF III Resources:

All California HHS Open DataFest III session videos have been posted to the SOCI YouTube channel. Please click this link or press play on the viewer below to access the videos!

Day One Slide Presentations – Morning and Afternoon Sessions

Bay Area Regional Open DataFest – February 12, 2016

Program Overview: For the past few years, open data has increased access to public health, health care, human services, and other data, driving meaningful use and spurring data-driven innovation. At the Bay Area Regional Open DataFest event, we will explore the intersection of open data and academic research and how these two perspectives can come together to drive innovation in public health. This event is designed to achieve the following goals:
* Highlight Bay Area Open Data initiatives and the local work underway in government, industry, and academia
* Share academic and leadership perspectives on open data and examine opportunities for adoption and collaboration within the area
* Build action plans to address local challenges and opportunities
* Leverage and extend learning, innovations, and insights derived from the state’s new major health-focused initiative “Let’s Get Healthy California.”

Access the Bay Area Regional DataFest Program: The full Bay Area Open DataFest program is posted in this PDF document.

Through thought-provoking presentations, engaging panel discussions, and interactive sessions, the Regional Bay Area Open DataFest will illustrate how open data can lead to connected and better functioning systems that ultimately improve health outcomes for all.

The findings, recommendations, and outcomes from this session will be reprised and refined at the state-wide Open DataFest III event in Sacramento, March 14-15, 2016.



Open DataFest II – 2015 – Online Resources:

Agenda: Click here to access the Open DataFest II symposium program.

Blogs: Several DataFest-related blog posts – including pieces by Michael Wilkening, Undersecretary of CHHS, and Este Geraghty, ESRI, are available at the Stewards of Change blog site.

DataFest Session Videos: We’ve posted session videos to the SOCI youtube channel and enabled embedding so that you might re-post and share.

DataFest Slide Presentations: Session slide content is linked here:

Federal Perspective on Open Data

Overview of California Open Data Portals

How Local Governments are Using Open Data

Using Open Data to Drive Insight, Engage Workers

Roadmap Planning: Group Recommendations

DataFest Media and Social Media Coverage: We’ve linked to stories and other coverage of Open DataFest II in this document. And please check our Twitter feed (#HHSDataFest) and this Storify page for a review of social media activity.

All of this content – and more – was aggregated and posted to the Open DataFest Collaboration Site. Please contact Michael Kerr to receive an invitation to join this site.