Taking Action During Disruptive Times: Advancing Progress on Innovation, Interoperability and Technology in HHS


The Stewards of Change Institute’s 12th National Symposium took place on June 19-20, 2017. This event was held in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.


The uncertainty about what’s happening with HHS left many of us wondering how all the disparate pieces of this puzzle will ultimately come together. Participants in this year’s symposium took the opportunity to take a closer look at those pieces; to discuss the increasingly vital role of interoperability, information-sharing and innovation; to integrate the social determinants of health into this vital conversation; to provide thought leadership that will contribute to shaping a clearer picture of what lies ahead; and, most pointedly, to join in planning and taking concrete actions to instigate positive change.

This year’s symposium was perhaps the most interesting, important and action-focused SOCI has ever held. The agenda was shaped by factors including:.

  • The new Administration’s impact on healthcare and other highly consequential issues affecting our work and our lives.
  • The start of two exciting, major initiatives.

1. A new model (working with the Health Information and Management Systems Society) that will use information-sharing and technology to help prevent and combat public health crises, such as the opioid epidemic

2. A National Interoperability Collaborative (working with Academy Health), funded by a significant new Kresge Foundation grant.

The symposium offered a trusted forum – irrespective of individual opinions – where participants held constructive, respectful discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing us.


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