Southern California Regional HHS Open DataFest 2017

Stewards of Change Institute was very pleased to convene the Southern California Regional Health & Human Services Open DataFest in Los Angeles, CA. The DataFest was hosted in partnership with First5LA, the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, the California Health Care Foundation, the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, and the California Health & Human Services Agency, and MarkLogic.







Program Overview:

Over the past decade, the steadily escalating use of open data has expanded knowledge, driven innovation, enhanced effectiveness, and improved outcomes in a growing number of realms, particularly relating to health, healthcare and human services. Now it’s the children’s turn.

On Jan. 24, 2017, Stewards of Change Institute (SOCI), with support from our key California partners and sponsors, convened a unique symposium specifically focused on how the myriad issues impacting early childhood development and education – such as prenatal exposure and mental/behavioral health – could be addressed through more-effective use of data.

The intent of this first-of-its kind symposium was to share knowledge, expertise, practical tools and innovative thinking about children’s mental and behavioral health, adverse childhood experiences, social services and early childhood development. A short video trailer is posted to our YouTube channel to provide more detail on the vision and goals for the Regional DataFest.  Also, Daniel Stein, President of SOC Institute, shared his thoughts on the need for increasing state and local data-sharing in this recent blog post.

This Open DataFest was important for many reasons. It brought together behavioral health, mental health, child welfare and other concerns that impact children’s ability to learn and succeed. It examined how better data and information-sharing might improve decision-making and outcomes. And, through highly interactive sessions that offered valuable tools and approaches, it provided actionable next steps to enable attendees to take action in their own communities. In short, SOCI shaped this day of conversation, learning and planning to be the beginning of much more activity and progress into the future.

The event included a diverse group of participants from health, human services, public health, education, research, academia, entrepreneurs, associations, and a variety of other relevant disciplines and organizations. It built upon and extended learning from prior Open DataFests that SOCI has organized in partnership with the California Health and Human Services Agency over the past three years. Participants described the last two Open DataFests we held in California – a regional event with Stanford University and a statewide one in Sacramento – as innovative, interesting and productive.

SOCI is proud of its long history of initiatives in California, which include a key role in building the state’s Open Data Portal. In particular, we’re grateful for the commitment that CHHSA has shown to our partnership and to the use of data to enhance the lives of California’s residents and communities.

“Open data has served as a low-risk, low-cost portal to exploring our internal data usage and thinking more innovatively about improving our services for Californians,” said Michael Wilkening, Undersecretary of CHHSA. “Through these efforts, we have increased collaboration, both internally and externally. I look forward to building on these successes at the Open DataFest in January.”



Southern California Open DataFest Online Resources:

Below, we have linked to an array of presentations, graphics, and other materials shared at the Regional Open DataFest. Please take time to review the learning and share these resources with colleagues.

1. DataFest Summary and Recommendations Recap

2. DataFest Slide Presentations

Welcome – Daniel Stein, SOCI

– Case Studies: Using Data to Fuel Progress

– Lori Turk-Bicakci, PhD, Senior Manager, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health

– Regan Foust, PhD, Director, Strategic Partnerships; Research Scientist, Children’s Data Network

– Shaping Best Practices – David Nee, Former Executive Director, Graustein Memorial Fund

– Bringing it Home: Tools, Knowledge and Approaches You Can Use

– Maribel Marin, Executive Director, 211 LA County

Chris Kelleher, Program Director, Center for Evidence-based Policy, Oregon Health & Science University

– Lilian Coral, MPP, Chief Data Officer, City of Los Angeles

– Cheryl Miles, State and Local Government, MarkLogic

3. DatatFest Graphic Murals

–  Mural 1 – Welcome, Opening Session

–  Mural 2 – Interactive Exercise/Case Studies

–  Mural 3 – Shaping Best Practices

–  Mural 4 – Bringing it Home

–  Mural 5 – Final Mapping Session

4. DataFest Agenda

5. DataFest Pictures


Contact: If you have questions on the DataFest, please contact Gillian Tucker of SOCI.