Stewards of Change Institute 10th Annual Symposium – #SOCI15 – June 22 – 24, 2015

The Stewards of Change Institute was proud to host our 10th Anniversary Symposium, held June 22-24, 2015, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, along with its School of Medicine and Institute for Health and Social Policy.

From its inception in 2005, Stewards of Change has been bringing together small groups of thought leaders from across the nation who are creating innovative, effective and efficient programs for responsible information sharing and interoperability across the Health and Human Services spectrum. The Symposium brought together over 100 senior leaders, who explored ways to harness the power of Information Interoperability and Social Determinants to better serve individuals, families and communities.

Below, we have posted many of the materials generated by the Symposium sessions and discussions. In addition to this web page, you’ll find the materials posted to our social media channels on Youtube, Flickr, SlideShare, Linkedin and Twitter.

Symposium Video:

We’ve made available all session video on Please click the image below to start the playlist (click “Playlist at the top left of the player to view additional selections).  Click this link to view the entire #SOCI15 playlist.


Symposium Graphics:

The graphic illustrations and roadmaps depicting presentations made at the 10th Annual Symposium are now posted to the Flickr album linked below.



Symposium Slide Presentations:

Slide presentations delivered at the Symposium are posted to the slideshare site.

SOC 2015: Day One Slide Presentations – June 22, 2015 

SOC 2015: Day Two Slide Presentations – June 23, 2015 

SOC 2015: Day Three Slide Presentations – June 24, 2015



Stewards of Change Sincerely Thanks Our Generous Sponsors and Supporters!