InterOptimability™: Human Services 2.0
Preparing Child Welfare for the 21st Century Information Technology Revolution

The 2007 conference explored the newest strategies and practices for creating integrated customer-centric human service systems for children, families and communities. It explored the opportunities and challenges associated with InterOptimability™, SOC’s nine-step process designed to help integrate and optimize the benefits of evolving technological solutions.

It also marked the creation of the Human Services 2.0 Change Vision Landscape, a graphic representation of participants common vision for the ideal interoperable human service organization that is customer-centric, family-focused, community-engaged and technology enabled.

The conference format used a highly interactive, multisector approach, including presentations by leading thinkers and nationally recognized subject-matter experts. The third national conference convened leading thinkers for the first time on this topic and brought national focus on the emergence of interoperability within human services.