Make the most of our expertise

With its rare combination of business, technology, marketing, government and nonprofit experience, Stewards of Change™ provides both strategic and tactical solutions and implementation support to help your organization meet its most pressing needs. We approach each client from a holistic perspective, working collaboratively with members of your team and drawing on best practices from a wide variety of entrepreneurial disciplines to achieve exceptional results.


Strategic Business Development

STEWARDS OF CHANGE APPROACHES strategic development from the inside out, beginning with the vision, mission and values that guide your organization. We evaluate the desirable changes and their potential impact on the agency and staff. We conduct rigorous analyses to examine key factors influencing relevant facets of the organization and the broader human service industry before developing customized, client-specific plans based on our assessments.  

Our core competencies include:

  • Vision, mission and values clarification and alignment
  • Balanced scorecard strategic framework
  • Strategic, marketing, operating and business planning
  • Management consulting

Business Process Reengineering

BY APPLYING STANDARD business process analysis, process mapping and reengineering techniques, we help human service organizations streamline processes, eliminating duplicate, inefficient or unnecessary activities. We also use data network analysis to make visible the formal and informal information exchange among workers and provide the basis for improving data collection, sharing and usage.  

Our core competencies include:

  • Business process analysis
  • Data collection, analysis and reporting
  •  Root cause analysis
  • Process reengineering
  • Data and social network analysis
  • Six Sigma and Lean Process improvement
  • Supply chain for human services
  • Data-driven performance management

Technology Assessment and Planning

TO ASSIST IN DEFINING and refining your organization’s consumer-centric goals, we create flexible technology solutions that enable data sharing and use of commercial off-the-shelf products, connecting disparate legacy systems with emerging tech requirements, data formats and file structures. By relying on an iterative design strategy that starts with simple initiatives and builds functionality as systems mature, we ensure immediate value while progressing toward long-term interoperability.  

Our core competencies include:

  • Technology visioning
  • Technology assessments
  • Gap analysis
  • Overall solution design and implementation
  • Mobility solution design and implementation
  • Information technology literacy training

Leadership Development and Organizational

STEWARDS OF CHANGE SPECIALIZES in building performance-driven organizational cultures aligned around a common vision, strategies and objectives. We partner with agency leaders responsible for guiding their teams through all phases of change, including strategic development and implementation and growth/decline cycles. A values-based orientation of professionalism, respect and collaboration provides focus and inspiration as we pursue improved outcomes for clients and their constituencies  

Our core competencies include:

  • Training and facilitation
  • Change management
  • Values-based performance management
  • Facilitative leadership and effective meeting management
  • Process consulting
  • Leadership at all levels of public, private and nonprofit agencies

Marketing, Consumer Research and Communications

STEWARDS OF CHANGE CREATES marketing programs guided by your organization’s specific strategies, objectives, and budgets. We conduct sophisticated market research and develop and implement communications plans for consumers, employees and communities. Integrated marketing plans often include design, concept positioning, advertising, media, local events, public relations, publicity, cooperative branding and cause-related sponsorships.  

Our core competencies include:

  • Project management
  • Qualitative and quantitative consumer research
  • Strategic positioning and communications development
  • Design, production and media services
  • Media planning, buying and post analysis
  • Targeted direct marketing
  • Publicity and public relations
  • Training

Government and Nonprofit Human Service Executive and Senior Management

Over the past decade our team has been actively engaged with federal, state, local government as well as a broad range of nonprofit organizations serving human services, health and education programs across the nation. Our own subject matter experts have lead large systems and have faced many of the challenges that our clients face in their own organizations today. Our solutions are grounded in practical experience of dealing with real world challenges and incorporate innovative and path breaking strategies developed with thought leaders from across the country.  

Our core competencies include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Vision and Roadmap Design
  • Orientation to Interoperability
  • Change Management and Facilitative Leadership
  • Supply Chain for Human Services
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Overall Project Management