Common goals inspired our partnership

When a small group of dedicated business and child welfare professionals teamed up in 1998 to initiate a marketing improvement project for Aspiranet, one of California’s largest nonprofit foster care and adoption agencies, we had no idea we were embarking on something so big or so important. Based on that work, we soon entered into a five-year contract with the New York City Administration for Children’s Services to provide business, marketing, research and training programs for the agency and its private providers.
A partnership was born through which we began to explore effective ways to bring innovation to child welfare and subsequently to a wider audience through the use of proven business practices, models and tools.

Stewards of Change™ officially launched in October 2005, when we hosted a national conference for 75 of the nation’s most influential professionals, including senior government management, agency directors, academics, family policy experts, foundation and nonprofit leaders, judges, and senior business executives from finance, technology, law and manufacturing. The purpose: to explore the role of innovation, business and entrepreneurship within the world of human services.

Participant response was overwhelmingly positive and propelled us toward becoming a nationally recognized thought leadership consultancy. We have continued to host annual national conferences as well as state and regional convenings, and to demonstrate emerging concepts and approaches across the United States, from the field to the federal government.