Transformation to a connected system of care

Our research and experience make it clear that, just as interoperability is driving innovation in other sectors, it is transforming the fundamental structure and function of human services in exciting and rewarding ways. We envision a revamped national system of care in which organizational silos are broken down and policy, practice and structure—the three pillars required for real-time exchange of comprehensive, accurate information among health, education, human service agencies and courts—are realigned for consumer benefit, costsavings and operational efficiency.
Stewards of Change™ facilitates this transformation with our interdisciplinary approach, bringing the best business practices, models and tools to government and nonprofits through our conferences, consulting, training and vision mapping.

Our InterOptimability™ Handbook serves as an illustrated guide to your interoperability journey, leading you through our nine-part process to assess, plan, implement and monitor your organization’s interoperability initiatives